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Oil and Gas

BATT Corporation has been involved in the oil and gas sector of Kazakhstan and Russia since 2002, demonstrating stable dynamic growth and development. 150km east of Aktau in Southern Mangyshlak on the territory of Kazakhstan, the company is developing the “Tenge” oil and gas deposit where the company has a 100% share in the project. According to the Kazakh Government balance statement, the “Tenge” deposit contains proven (C1) and probable (C2) category oil reserves of 16.108 million tonnes (119 million barrels) and proven gas reserves (C1 category) equivalent to 22.95 billion cubic metres (810 billion cubic feet). According to reserve audits undertaken to international standards by the independent international consulting company “McDaniel & Associates Consultants”, the commercially significant reserves of oil and gas at the deposit are:


Category Mln Barrels of Oil Bln Cubic ft of Gas
2P (Proven + Probable reserves) 58.608 548.422
3P (Proven + Probable + Possible reserves) 106.389 840.665


  • Deposit completely studied using 3D seismic surveying across an area of 154 km2.
  • Fully integrated interpretation has been made of the data from the 3D seismic survey.
  • Reprocessing of the 3D seismic survey field completed.
  • The integrated volume of geological oil and gas deposits was constructed.
  • Analysis of dormant and used borehole inventory.
  • Underground works and major repairs to boreholes have taken place.
  • Primary borehole drilling recommendations (up to 19 boreholes).
  • Estimate of Triassic deposit potential.
  • Preparation and correction of business plan for development of the deposit.


In order to prime the accelerated development of the deposit, BATT Corporation is working on attracting the participation of strategic investors.

The development of the oil and gas sector is a priority for BATT Corporation and through the affiliation of Kazakhstan and international companies, the corporation intends to further diversify its portfolio in this business sector, increase capitalisation and improve infrastructure at all levels.

«Naoro» Restaurant

We cannot omit one not very big project but quite aesthetical “NAORO” restaurant, opened in autumn of year 2007 after reconstruction. Design of the restaurant was developed by Italian architect  James Cavagnari.

Here in Naoro we put all our souls into work. We would like you to sincerely feel the emotions which we input in our endeavors.

After numerous visits to some countries, work in first- class restaurants in World cuisine capitals, our chief-cook and general manager united for creation of dynamic conception of Almaty city.

Working in the best cities and modern bars in the world, in New-York, London, Paris, Milan and Stockholm, our bartender worked out big variety of cocktails, alcoholic and non- alcoholic, which you can enjoy with our appetizers such as sweet olives with Campari and jelly out of sesame seeds. We also serve wines in wineglasses, malts, fruit sake, digestives and big variety of alcoholic drinks from all around the world.

There is a big range of wines and sake at your disposal, including excellent champagne, wines from old and new worlds, such as Homemade Strawberry Sake, Laurent Perrier Rose Cuvee Alexandra & Opus One which are served to your table by our highly qualified sommelier.

Chief cook worked out his own style of cooking, using knowledge accumulated during several years of traveling and also owing to loyalty to Italian origin.

We treat food with respect and mix different styles and high-quality ingredients. Dishes are inspected thoroughly that is why all ingredients on the plate supplement each other. Characteristics of every element have an extremely definite role. Meat or fish play leading role in perception, then goes garnish as vegetables, and dressing as a “body” of a dish.

Chief cook concentrates on texture and essence. Guests have an opportunity to taste degustation menu, which includes several interesting and unusual dishes. Our menu unites best tastes and aromas of Europe and motives of Japanese dainties enriched by chief cook’s knowledge.

Exclusive dishes and cocktails of our restaurant:

  • Gili gili non-alcoholic cocktail
  • Nut mojito
  • Fried foie gras, thin beet base, green and apple cloud
  • Risotto with pumpkin and rosemary
  • Sea bass, leek, cherry tomatoes, olives and vanilla emulsion
  • Tortelli with veal and foie gras, cinnamon and paprika dressing
  • Tagliolini in "Vanduvan" species, fried shellfish, asparagus and tomato konfi with asparagus cream

We can organize banquets up to 110 people and reception standing up to 200 people. We also have two private rooms: chocolate room (up to 20 people) and Japanese saloon (up to 8 people).

We would do our best so that guests appreciate quality and authenticity of Naoro restaurant at this stage of culinary art.

Sparkling threads of crystals, flowing from the ceiling and mosaic picture of Klimt create atmosphere of unforgettable chic, flaming chimbley and smooth lightning- feeling of warmth and comfort.

Naoro sets new luxury standards in Almaty.


Throughout the 20 years of its existence, BATT Corporation has consistently provided assistance to the sick and needy, to WWII veterans and to orphaned children. Corporate Social Responsibility has always been one of the priority directions of the company. A number of mosques and churches have been built in different regions of Kazakhstan. The Orphanage No 8 and Children’s Home No 3 have been under the patronage of the company for many years. Two years ago, BATT Corporation became the founder of the British Haileybury school in Kazakhstan, the goal of which is not only to provide the children of Kazakhstan with high class British education, but also to redirect all the profits of the school towards grants to children in need with special capabilities throughout Kazakhstan. The next logical step in this educational direction was fulfilled with the opening of a British nursery school in the country.

10 years ago, BATT Corporation established the “Holy Sounds” charitable foundation within a global network, the goal of which was to raise awareness levels between people of different cultures through the medium of music. Currently, the philanthropic direction of the company is prolific in the participation and support of globally famous welfare funds including Cinema Against AIDS sponsored by Sharon Stone, the Elton John AIDS Foundation and the Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts (patronised by the Prince of Wales).

Metal Ore Mining

BATT Corporation is currently placing heavy emphasis on the development of metal ore mining. Steps are being taken on making essential investments into the acquisition of considerable shareholdings on the territory of the Republic. The company is investing in the development and extraction of nickel, cobalt and gold. Production activities are being made in the North-Eastern and Central regions of Kazakhstan, which are rich in mineral raw materials and non-ferrous metals.

Nickel Projects

Nickel projects are represented within the corporation through the possession of shares in enterprises such as “Asia Invest”, “Kyzyl Kain Mamyt (KKM)”, “AvtoTransService” and “Koitas” which, in their turn, hold long term contracts with the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan regarding the following licensed prospecting sites of nickel-cobalt ore deposits:

  • The Kempirsaisky Group of Nickel-Cobalt deposits
  • The Ekibastuz-Shidertinsky Iron-Cobalt-Nickel deposit
  • Summary of deposit reserve characteristics:


    Enterprise Dry Ore (Tonnes) Ni
    Ni (Tonnes) Co (Tonnes)
    KKM LLP 13,889,065    0.8    0.028 88,616 2,479
    Asia Invest LLP 18,733,257 0.8 0.052 135,688 8,495
    Koitas LLP 10,637,206 0.8 0.047 101,552 9,642
    Autotransservice LLP 47,775,000 0.79 0.051 381,600 24,300
     Total  91,034,528      707,456 44,916